Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Knowing About Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation, in short RPA, is a software technology that simplifies and enhances the creation, implementation and supervision of software robots that imitate human actions while interacting with digital systems and software. Like humans, these software robots can comprehend on-screen content, execute accurate keystrokes, navigate various systems, recognize and extract data, and perform a diverse range of predefined tasks. However, software robots perform these actions swiftly and consistently without requiring breaks or physical relaxation.

Our RPA Services

RPA Assessment

The RPA assessment service enables you to estimate the cost, return-on-investment, and success rate of your process before implementation, avoiding time and money losses.

RPA Process Mining

Process Mining plays a crucial role as a preliminary stage prior to embarking on the automation journey. It aids in assessing the potential for automation by considering factors such as process volume, repetitiveness, and the achievable return on investment (ROI). At Dotcreative, we specialize in expediting the analysis process for enterprises, swiftly identifying processes that are suitable for automation and in need of enhancement.

RPA Consulting

Through our RPA consulting services, we assist businesses in constructing and recognizing automation-worthy processes. As part of our offerings, our RPA consultants suggest suitable RPA tools and provide automation proof of concepts (PoCs). Our primary goal is to enhance your efficiency by developing a well-defined plan for implementing automation.

RPA Development Services

We leverage our expertise in digital technologies and customer experience to enhance digital transformation through our RPA development services. Our Center of Excellence assists you in establishing, overseeing and expanding a new digital workforce throughout your organization, empowering you to execute your automation strategy effectively.

RPA Implementation Services

We create and deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that utilize both attended and unattended bots. We also establish governance processes to ensure smooth operations. Additionally, we assist in establishing an RPA to expand the implemented RPA project.

RPA Support & Managed Services

As part of our RPA support and managed services, our team of RPA experts actively monitor and optimize RPA projects, effectively managing the overall RPA infrastructure. Additionally, we provide RPA enhancements to ensure ongoing improvements and continuous progress.